Some Thoughts on the Past Year

Writing about learnings from the year that passed has become a ritual of sorts from the time I started this blog site. Once in a while I revisit my New Year entries and it fascinates me how a year can make up an assortment of existential shifts—some are expectedly normal, some are wonderful, and some … Continue reading Some Thoughts on the Past Year


It’s FriYay

In the the days that passed, my mind never fails to take me here. Writing spurs come flowing wild and free, and I long to sit in quietude and knot them all together into beautiful macrame of words. But time doesn't allow me to. My world is ornately infused with duties that need to be done. On those … Continue reading It’s FriYay

Ruby Month

At the end of July I celebrated my birthday, so the past weeks had been so lively meeting friends and loved ones  for coffee or dinner. To make my days livelier, a wad of translation work landed on my lap. I ended up spending my birthday chasing a deadline. There was a little room to breathe, yet hardly any space to complain about. … Continue reading Ruby Month