Some Thoughts on the Past Year

Writing about learnings from the year that passed has become a ritual of sorts from the time I started this blog site. Once in a while I revisit my New Year entries and it fascinates me how a year can make up an assortment of existential shifts—some are expectedly normal, some are wonderful, and some … Continue reading Some Thoughts on the Past Year


Forgive so You can Heal

The first month of 2017 is almost finished. I don’t really understand what’s with the time we’re in these days. It seems to glide by so swiftly, leaving a lot of to-dos undone! I went on a writing hiatus for almost a year. So many things transpired, the inspiration got lost somewhere amidst the swirling, … Continue reading Forgive so You can Heal

Of Facebook Tirades and Drama

I AM NOT PERFECT in regulating my emotions (nobody is, period). I falter even though how much I try not to. Especially in this digital age where social media have become so handy, once in a while I fall to posting rants and cryptic messages on Facebook, expressing what I feel for my target (sometimes targets) to see. … Continue reading Of Facebook Tirades and Drama