Karen’s Kitchen | What’s Not to Love

Karen’s Kitchen serves some of the best dishes that the Manila restaurant scene has to offer. It’s right at the Kapitolyo foodie hub, but a little bit tucked away. It’s a bungalow-turned-resto nestled in a quite neighborhood with an eye-catching spring-themed facade.

I discovered Karen’s Kitchen through my dearest friend, Praise, in one of our occasional meet-ups. She has just started to get serious with her vlogging that time that I and our other dearest friend, Eden, were pleasantly surprised that we would be vlogged that night. Of course, friends support each other (whatever it takes), so we gladly submit to what would make her happiest! That night we all fell in love with the loveliness that was Karen’s Kitchen. That memorable evening with Karen and her culinary ingenuity was blogged and vlogged,  you can read and watch them here.

That visit was only followed a month ago (almost 2 years later) when I brought my sister, aunt, and niece there for tea and cake after we checked out a nearby food park. Again, we were charmed with the warmth and coziness of the place and the dessert that we had.  My aunt’s daughter works with an online lifestyle guide, so we asked Karen if she would allow her to cover the resto and she agreed to our delight.

Last week I went again to Karen’s Kitchen, with Karen’s invitation, to help my cousin with the shoot. It was wonderful because I got to taste dishes that were handpicked by Karen herself! What an honor! Every dish was healthy and delectable and it was so hard to favor one above the other. Everything was delicious from the drinks to the main courses to the dessert! I was  assisting the shoot, shooting scenes for my own vlog, and listening to Karen’s delightful stories all at the same time so some foods just slipped away without me realizing that I was unable to document them! Here are some of the dishes that I was able to get  photos of.

zucchinivegmedleyUSAngussquashbloomredbeetbologneseadoboNo photos: Clam Chowder and Chicken Pesto Crispizza

There were three kinds of drinks served: Fresh Strawberry Juice, Cold Chocolate Milk, and Apple Cider Tea. I only got to take the photo of the first one.


For dessert, we had Dalandan Cupcake and Sticky Toffee Pudding. I don’t have photos, it’s on the vlog. You can watch it here (it’s also embedded down below).

Karen is such a gracious host. She is so welcoming that whoever comes into her resto easily feels at home. She is engaging  and she shares  stories  so inspiring that I can’t help but tell my self, I want to grow up like her! She’s a life goal and I think women who got to meet her and talk to her would agree. She’s a beauty through and through, a blessing to everyone she shares a slice of her life with. She is for me what makes Karen’s Kitchen so special—she’s the heart of Karen’s Kitchen and the number 1 reason why customers keep coming back.

For more of our Karen’s Kitchen experience, watch this.


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