Savour Manila

Savour Manila is one of the newest food parks in the metro. It’s located in Tomas Morato, a prime location being the hub of  dining and drinking spots in Quezon City.


I went on a Saturday afternoon to join my cousin for the first time in her videography stint. She works with an online lifestyle guide that features the newest and most popular dining spots and tourist attractions in Metro Manila, the Philippines, and the world.

For me what makes Savour Manila unique from other trendy and upcoming food parks that I’ve been to is its mix of cuisines, a notch higher in terms of taste and quality. I’m not so much of a foodie, so there are some foods that are quite brand-new to my palate— like the martabak of Martabak Manila, which seems to me a fusion of the original martabak and our very own bibingka.

While playing the role of a production assistant and hand talent, I get to taste a little of most of the foods served in the shoot. The bagnet with chicharron bulaklak of Chica’s Chicharronia tastes like home, the wagyu dish by COMO.PH is a winner, and the desserts by Cafe Churro absolutely made me cheerful! There was so much food sprawled on two long tables. The assortment was overwhelming and some had real delish smell that towards the end of the shoot we felt so full— food coma by inhalation that is haha!


The place has a good structural layout. It’s straightforward and food stalls are neatly organized with enough space for movement. They’re easy on the eyes and you get  that there’s a good chi flowing  feels. You can choose to eat or drink/chill indoors or al fresco on the 2nd floor. And, of course, there’ a live band.

‘Want to know what transpired behind the camera? Watch the video below and feed your curiosity.



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