Marikina Market + Ginataang Santol

Marikina Market is the only market near Metro Manila area that I frequent due to its proximity to where I live. I like Marikina because it’s  a clean city  and despite its being close to the metro it doesn’t lose its provincial vibe.

If I feel like whipping up a good meal for myself or visitors swinging by my place, I’d hop on a jeep and head to the market. Marikina Market is just one jeepney ride away!

My cousin, Arlene, joins me in this vlog for the very reason that we share the same passion for cooking and we both love scouring the market for cheap thrills, bargain finds, and the joy of discovering something  new or unusual.

We are also making a demo on how to cook ginataang santol or sinantol (or sinantolan), which I think originated from Bicol. My love for this dish started way back 2007, when I was an office girl in Tokyo. My co-worker and wonderful friend, Imee, fresh from her vacation from the Philippines introduced me to this dish, which she said was prepared by her mother. The play of subtle tartness, saltiness, and fieriness made this dish so appetizing that I swore to myself I should learn to cook it. It’s so good whether it’s eaten hot or straight from the fridge. Whenever I cook some, I never stop eating. Thank goodness santol season comes only once a year!


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