5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Kids

My younger sister, fresh from the uma (Uma is an Ilonggo word that means farm, where she lives with her farmer husband & children.) , is in town to attend a conference/seminar and she’s staying at my cousin’s place. She came by at my place for a visit  last weekend with two of our nieces in tow. They wanted to sleep over  so I did a quick tidying up because who wouldn’t want a clean, fresh-smelling place to stay, anyway?

While waiting for them to arrive, I was thinking of good spots to visit and possible activities to entertain them, the kids especially. I grew up carrying with me wonderful memories of childhood like my aunts letting us play under the sun all day or taking us to the river for a swim as they do the laundry.  And now,  it’s my turn to play that cool aunt role.

There are countless of things that we can do to make childhood more fun for the kids. Last week’s activities are just a few of them, which can be summed up into five awesome ideas that do not require a lot of thinking and planning and, most importantly, a lot of money to spend!

No. 1
Ask the kids 
This is the easiest to do! Ask them where they want to go and what they want to do! Lexi wanted to go to a cat cafe, so we looked for that famous cat cafe on Maginhawa Street called Cat Cafe Manila. I love cats but I am allergic to their fur that I couldn’t be around them for a long time. Good thing the cafe imposes a time limit, allowing visitors to stay for only an hour. As expected, my allergy got triggered that the first thing I did upon arriving home was to hurriedly pop a tablet of antihistamine into my mouth!


No. 2
Expand their palate and fill their tummies with yummy food
Food parks are the in thing these days. When you take the kids to one of these places, you can never go wrong. Food parks have numbers of stalls that offer various selections of interesting and delightful.

We went to The Yard at Xavierville because I heard that it’s one of the grandest in Metro Manila. It’s a first for all of us. We all loved the place. Food is good and affordable, the outdoor ambiance is fun, and there’s good live music which some songs we danced to and sang along with. The kids were especially happy with the dessert from Milkshake Lab.


No. 3
Surprise them with a delectable breakfast in a cozy secluded place
There’s this all-day-breakfast place in Antipolo tucked in a corner of a village that’s about five minutes away by car from where I live. It’s called Eggs for Breakfast, it’s in Velada Estate which is inside Villa Cecilia Subdivision. It’s like a hidden spot and it’s a hit for the kids because the experience is like discovering a secret that not everyone knows about. And when you’re with kids, breakfast food is good any time of the day!


No. 4
Take them to a museum
Taking children to a museum allows them to explore and broaden their knowledge of things around them. They get to learn about art, culture, and subject areas that are new to them. We visited Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. It’s both an indoor and outdoor museum, so we had to walk from one building to the next in sweltering summer weather.

I like the section that showcases indigenous art because I was able to introduce to the kids wooden sculptures, textiles, musical instruments, and so on of some of the Philippine indigenous groups. When we were at the modern painting sections, since they had their iPads with them, I found an opportunity to share to them something I learned on my very first visit to the museum–converting negative paintings into their natural colors (which can be done by enabling invert colors on iPhone or iPad (settings→ general→ accessibility→ display accommodations→ invert colors). The kids seemed to enjoy this.

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No. 5
Let them know that some other good burger & fried chicken joints, aside from McDonalds and Jollibee, exist in this planet
The scorching heat and a lot of walking around the 1.2 hectare art space drained the kids out, so the next best thing to do is to refuel. There’s a low-key burger & fried chicken joint near my place called Chevy Burger, which serves savory and calorific yet reasonably priced meals. So I took them there and they seemed pleased with their food. According to them, the fried chicken was namit (delicious)!

Yep, there’s more! Watch this ! 👇


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