To the Island

When city life starts to get noxious, one of the best ways to counter it is to run away and get someplace where you can truly, fully rid yourself of these horrible, terrible, abominable (and other rhyming and synonymous adjectives you can think of) toxins slaying your happy cells.

In this life, I am quite blessed to have friends who share my kind of madness. Friends who  gladly hop on the bus, take the jeep, tricycle, boat or whatever it takes just to get there–a little piece of paradise just few hours away from the city.


Friends who cheerfully lie down with me on a bamboo floor and while away the hours with stories that go from happy to absurd and totally hilarious, listen to the sound of the waves and wind as we go to sleep (in total darkness because electric power supply has a curfew), and jump out of bed and freak out in chorus at midnight because a tuko (tokay gecko) sounded so close it could just be behind the post or right beneath the bamboo floor.


Life’s pretty simple. It doesn’t require decoding of some sort of bizarre formula that only some sort of genius understands.


Sometimes all you ever need are your gang and a day or two on a quiet island. Just like that, and you’re back on your feet, refreshed, recharged, and, again, all set to face whatever life hurls at you.

Here’s a snippet of our island adventure. Enjoy!


Read more about this island from my previous post:  An Island Called Tingloy


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