It’s So Much Fun in Tboli Knoon


My hometown is at its best these days. There’s so much going on. One of the many things that make me happiest is the newly revamped children’s playground. It looks so safe and so new that I want to be a kid again!

 Photos by Krizza Pedroso

This is something that we didn’t have when we’re kids. (I’m not complaining. I love the way we were, our adventures were different and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.) Hats off to the local government for its effort to maintain the look, safety and cleanliness of the place. There are staff assigned to make sure that each kid is safe and everything is in order. How cool is that?!

1.jpgThese kids are as excited as I am to spend the afternoon at the playground.

6.jpg It seems like the new play systems have the kids’ seal of approval. They run, climb, swing, slide, crawl, and interact with other kids with gusto.

5Happiness. Sky’s the limit.

3And wait, there’s more! Kids also love this sculpture. Right beside the playground is the newly erected monument in honor of the Tboli people. It showcases the work of the prolific Kublai Millan. The monument, for as long as it exists, is a constant reminder to the kids that they live in a town, unlike any other, that boasts of its rich cultural heritage.

2.jpgWith so much pride. They tell the world, we live in Tboli Knoon!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Tboli Knoon (beautiful Tboli). Beautiful indeed!


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