It’s Two Thousand Sixteen

I know, I know,  it’s been 2 weeks since we said hello to 2016. It’s also been quite some time since my last entry, and I woke up today thinking about the things that transpired last year. With a bevy of thoughts whirling in my head, I think it’s high time for another blog entry–my very first for this year.

Looking back, I see flashes of moments spent with my family and most cherished friends. It’s happy for the most part and not so happy on some part, especially when my dad got terribly ill half way through.

I went back to working full time in the first quarter of 2015 and it felt great to be back on track, doing office work day in and day out. The ultimate challenge among the challenges of the past year was the commute to and from work every day. Save for Sundays and national & special non-working holidays, the traffic situation in Metro Manila had been horrendous and I felt that a great deal of my time and energy were lost in the metro’s bottlenecks.

As always, at the start of every year, most of us look back to the best and the worst of the year that passed. We welcome the New Year with renewed hope and we make resolutions of making this year better than ever. Such is life, we never give up on it and for as long as we are still given the privilege to breathe and relish in all the good it can offer, we never cease believing that the best is yet to come.

What I like most about new years is that I can think about the past year as I please and, like finding gold in a scrapyard, I gather those moments that shine the brightest and make them my springboard to the next level.  These shiniest moments brought about 5 important lessons, which pretty sum up my 2015.

Less is more

In 2015 I was earning a lot less than I did in the past 7 years so it was really the time that I needed to be frugal. My earnings were spent on only my basic needs and I only had the opportunity to travel abroad twice because it was company paid. Thank goodness to part-time translation projects that never stopped coming, they afforded me some luxury.

I learned to DIY almost everything. I stopped  my regular visits to coffee shops and started to brew my own coffee by buying French press pot than cost me only more than a hundred peso and coffee dripper and filter from Daiso.  I used to spend a lot on haircut and coloring, but this year I made myself content with a 50 peso haircut from a seasoned gay hairstylist and I dye my hair myself. Yes, self-service at its finest. In my 20s I did all the shopping, so at 30-something I felt I was past that stage already that I felt it was more practical to invest on clothes that were classic in cut, modest, and comfy that I could wear over and over again until they’d get all worn out. These were just some of the adjustments I made. Scrimping was not much of an effort because I grew up with a mother who never stopped reminding me to live within my means. So, thanks mom, that’s just what I did and I survived. This made me realize that in having just enough life becomes all the more meaningful, because you get to appreciate the tiniest of blessings.

Now, all I can say is: Mayad ah, kalampuwas man ah (I’m totally fine, I pulled through it).

Surround yourself with real friends

I am quite blessed to be surrounded with the world’s greatest people that I call friends. I take friendships seriously and through many seasons that came and went I figured that only the real ones with the sincerest intentions would stick around for the long haul.

You know who you are, thank you for staying with me all these years. xoxo

Family is forever

Conflict arises from time to time, but time heals and we mend the broken pieces back together.  Yes, family is love and only familial love holds a promise of forever. Dito lang may forever, uy!

Real bitches been bad bitches from birth

Real bad bitches exist in the real world. If you’re unlucky they will try to do everything to steal your sunshine, but you can always turn a deaf ear and keep them at arm’s length. I’ve found that the best way to deal with them is to forget that they exist and go on with my blissfully content life. Pak, deadma lang!

You can never please everyone

Ang mundo ay punong-puno ng ampalaya (The world is full of unhappy and bitter people). These people have always something unkind to say. Let them be, we’re not here to please them. Hello, ganyan talaga ang buhay walang perpekto (Life’s like that, nobody’s perfect)! To the perfectionists out there, my wish for you this 2016 is I hope you will come to realize how liberating it is to live within our imperfections and to accept our beautifully imperfect self. God bless you (insert sarcasm)! Haha just kidding! Peace and love to you all!

And finally, may all the beautiful and meaningful this world can give be yours unfailingly.

Happy New Year!







6 thoughts on “It’s Two Thousand Sixteen

  1. Great article, ms.daz! I just started following your blogs and it amazed me! Keep it up! Happy 2016😍😍😍

  2. Hi Imes! Thanks for dropping by. Cheers to the New Year and new beginnings. This is gonna be a great year for us. Let’s do this! 😊


    See you soon! ❤️

  3. Well said. I hear you from the deep side. (^_−)−☆
    Happy New Year Daz!! Exciting what this year brings us. Isn’t it?
    Let’s Do this!

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