Secret Garden Filipino Version

Secret Garden coloring book by Johanna Basford in Filipino? Yes, that’s right and it’s a lot cheaper, too! I saw it displayed on the shelf of SM Supplies kiosk at SM Megamall Building A last night. But at lunch time yesterday, my friend was telling me:

Dace, yung coloring book na pareho ng sa ‘yo, nakita ko dun sa may nagbebenta ng mga libro. Murang-mura lang!

Translation: Dace, that coloring book that you got I saw it displayed somewhere there where books are being sold. It’s cheap!

And my response was:

Weh?! Peke yun for sure. Yung orig andun oh, sa NBS.

Translation: Huh, that must be fake. The real one is right there at NBS (pointing to National Bookstore).

On my way home late last night, I passed by the kiosk and saw the book he was referring to and he was right. Oh, Secret Garden the Filipino version is such a charm!

I have the English version (printed in Italy), which I’m currently working on. I bought it at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. Since I made a previous entry about Secret Garden, comparing real vs fake (you can read it here), I took photos of the Filipino version and thought of comparing it side by side with the English version.

Note: The photos of English version has some colored pages, color spots and dirt on the pages because it’s my personal copy and I’m working on it at the moment. Poor photo quality is due to bad lighting and the phone camera used to take the photos.

I read in an article that Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden has been translated to 14 different languages as of March 2015. Being a global hit, there are many other translations that followed for sure. And now, our very own Pinoy version is here!

On the cover page, the Filipino translation says:
Lihim na Hardin
Isang Matintang Paghahanap ng Kayamanan at Kinukulayang Aklat

The Filipino version is translated by Ms. Edith A Garcia and published by Lampara Publishing House, Inc.  Lampara is a publication well-known for the Filipino children’s books that it publishes.

The Filipino version is a new edition hence it gets its own ISBN.

Processed with Moldiv

The Filipino version is sold at SM Supplies for the price of PHP 399.75.
Price of English version at Fully Booked: PHP 699.00

I haven’t checked NBS yet, so I can’t tell if this Filipino version is already available at NBS. More likely it is since NBS is selling a lot of Lampara books and other locally published books.

The color of the Filipino version is white (or natural while the English version is cream) and it is made of lighter paper material as compared to the latest English version. The print quality is very good, definitely no ink bleed or smear on the pages like the fake one!

I’m glad that Secret Garden is already published locally.  I hope this more accessible and affordable Filipino version can put a stop to those who are yet to buy a copy from getting a fake/rip-off/counterfeit one.


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