D is for Dahlia

My first name sounds like a flower but it’s not. So I grew up explaining to every curious soul how my name came to be. My parents for sure were feeling groovy when I was born, hence they combined both their names to come up with a unique name for me. I love my name, no one else in this planet has it.

My nickname, Dace, has a number of variations. People also call me Dazz, Daze, or Dase (Da-se). For easy recall, I stick to Dace (Dāis) because it rhymes with lace (one of my most favorite things) and it sounds like days. Dace fits perfectly to my sunny disposition. This gives me more reason to share positive vibes each day. Living up to my name, I can always choose to make my days happy Dace!

If you have an unconventional name like I do, you certainly have experienced ordering a cup of frappe from Starbucks and the barista, imperfect as we are, can’t  seem to get your name right each time. So as a remedy and for fast and smooth transaction, I decided to use a default name whenever I’m at Starbucks or any other coffee shop that requires customer’s  name — Daisy. Common enough and the chance of getting it wrong is I think 1 in 100. Hello, Daisy Duck!

Daisy is a beautiful flower. I’d like to think that I’m so much like a daisy– simple, cheerful, and lovely. However, if I’d be called with any other name, I’d like it to be DAHLIA.

Dahlia is my favorite flower. I see strength, dignity, elegance, and beauty in every bloom. Even more so when my aunt, my mom’s younger sister, passed on. Dahlias remind me so much of her. I grew up with her because she lived with us all her adult life, and I remember how she was so gifted with green thumb that she could make any flower bloom. I remember waking up each day to rows of dahlias blooming so beautifully in our front yard back in the days. That led me to falling deeply in love with dahlias.


Stopping by to smell the dahlias at Baguio Botanical Garden.

I love Pinterest and Instagram for all their beauty, delight, and charm. I like looking at the finest, most delicious, and fanciest of things on the feeds of people that I follow on IG and how easy it is to browse for the chicest, happiest, and loveliest of things on Pinterest. It makes my day to see a lot of flowers, laces, and happy places  and I swoon  for beautiful photos of dahlias. And these are just some of them:

@5ftinf (Instagram)
@5ftinf (Instagram)

@bowsandarrowsflowers (Instagram)
@bowsandarrowsflowers (Instagram)

@floretflower (Instagram)

@gandgorgeousflowers (Instagram)


Found on blog.weddingwire.com_dahlia

@wildflowersjoy (Instagram)
@wildflowersjoy (Instagram)



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