Of Facebook Tirades and Drama

I AM NOT PERFECT in regulating my emotions (nobody is, period). I falter even though how much I try not to. Especially in this digital age where social media have become so handy, once in a while I fall to posting rants and cryptic messages on Facebook, expressing what I feel for my target (sometimes targets) to see. My mind clouded with that dominant negative feeling at that very moment, unwary of the prying eyes of the netizens in my Facebookdom, I TYPE and CLICK on impulse and then boom it spreads like wildfire! THIS clearly is one of the pitfalls of social media.

Forgive the grammar error.

In hindsight, as there are different ways to express a positive emotion, love for instance, it follows that there are also ways to express a negative emotion, in this case anger or hate. However, after witnessing how it did more harm than good to those who fell prey to social media ranting (especially celebrities and media personalities), we should’ve known by now that social media is NOT AT ALL a safe platform to express heightened emotions.

As I am blessed with the privilege to grow older, I am also given the benefit of learning from my countless mistakes. As maturity takes over, I observed that my perspective in life changes. I for instance have become less susceptible to unnecessary noise. I figured that decluttering my life from so much drama is synonymous to inner peace.


So how are we supposed to handle difficult people, especially the aggressive ones, without resorting to ranting, posting cryptic messages, or responding to their posts and subjecting ourselves to an embarrassing emotional meltdown and turning the situation into a social media circus? I G N O R E.

 I constantly remind myself to pick my battles wisely.

There was an incident on Facebook that two of my friends chose to be trashy by airing the dirty linen in public. What started as a group conversation on private message (PM) turned into a big issue blown out of proportion. Worst things happened. They started to hurl criticisms at me that were both personal and vindictive to publicly shame me for an honest comment that I made. I made the mistake of providing too much information and no holds barred expressing of opinion, and I felt sorry that my plain blunt honesty stung so badly causing them to go berserk. However, instead of settling it peacefully with me in private they opted to go public. To turn off the noise, I blocked them off.

Such a childish thing to do, but, yes, I did it. I chose not to retaliate. It was the wisest move that I could ever think of right at that very moment. It killed the issue, I regained my peace.

Social media have become so accessible that they turn to be very convenient places to inconvenient others. A lot of us social media netizens are guilty of this practice. I for one, when I could no longer hold it altogether, succumb to this.

I’m only human and I need to vent sometimes.

By all means we can! Venting is a human thing to do. No one is stopping us, but there are safe ways to do it. If you’re not aware of this yet, you can actually Google it. That simple, eh?


Since I live away from my family and I use Facebook to stay up-to-date with the goings-on back home, it has become an essential communication tool for me. However, I recently started to reduce my Facebook presence, because I realized that I have been missing out on a lot of other important things! Oh yes, the ultimate awakening after 7 long years of being in Facebook. I’m still a work in progress to date, but I know I’m getting closer to my goal of using the social media more responsibly, and it starts with me lessening, if not powering down, my consumption. Less Facebook usage means more time to be productive– read books, learn a new hobby, exercise, explore the great outdoors, and be totally in the moment. More importantly, L E S S drama and temptation to rant for  the netizens to see.


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