How Fresh Are Those Shrimps?

Friday, 24th of September, is Eid'l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) in the Muslim calendar. It's a regular holiday, so it was a no-work-day for me. After running an errand in  Quezon City, I decided to drop by at Farmers Market in Araneta Cubao on my way home. Whenever I get the chance to, I'd always visit Farmers … Continue reading How Fresh Are Those Shrimps?


Karen’s Kitchen in 10 Lovely Ways

Karen's Kitchen, at the time of writing,  is a five month old charming, spring-themed restaurant on San Rafael Street in Kapitolyo, Pasig. It is owned by Ms. Karen Young, whose red velvet and  chocolate ganache are two of the most sought after cakes in Metro Manila. Karen's Kitchen, which started as a pastry shop at Petron … Continue reading Karen’s Kitchen in 10 Lovely Ways

Eyebrow Story

Thick. Big. Bold --this is the hottest eyebrow look these days, a massive trend that started in 2014. From overly-tweezed-highly-arched-barely-there, women are now sporting thick, well-shaped brows. The natural and unkept look is perfection. Blame it on Cara Delivingne and Lily Collins' gracing the magazine covers in their arresting  full, bold  brows. Oh, these girls and their gorgeous brows. … Continue reading Eyebrow Story

Of Facebook Tirades and Drama

I AM NOT PERFECT in regulating my emotions (nobody is, period). I falter even though how much I try not to. Especially in this digital age where social media have become so handy, once in a while I fall to posting rants and cryptic messages on Facebook, expressing what I feel for my target (sometimes targets) to see. … Continue reading Of Facebook Tirades and Drama

Secret Garden: The Real Thing

In my previous post, I have expressed my doubt on the authenticity of the Secret Garden coloring book that I bought from an IG seller. I saw the real thing at Fully Booked, a solid proof that what I got was a rip-off! Buying an original is of utmost importance to me since coloring is something … Continue reading Secret Garden: The Real Thing