Three Things About South Cotabato

I live in the big northern island now. I only get to visit my southern island province during long holiday breaks, important occasions, and emergency situations like a parent getting ill.

During my most recent visit few days ago, I once again touched based with the province that was my home for half of my life. There are major developments going on here and there, and promotion of tourism is at its most agressive. Oh, how I love what I’m seeing!

In those quiet moments that I spent looking out of the car window while in transit to the neighboring city or town, I had the time of my life marveling at the richness of the argricultural landscape and the three wonderful feelings that rippled through.


Everything seems to come in excess in this part of the world vegetables and fruits in season alike. Think of asparagus, pineapple, mangosteen, marang, and rambutan to name a few. Fruit trees do not seem to get tired producing to the extent that the produce become superfluous you see them hanging so resplendently from the branches or sold or peddled in every corner, along the streets and national highways. Fruits come in quantity way more than anyone can muster.


My cousin who’s at the driver’s seat chose to stay in our hometown, make a decent living as an entrepreneur and, alongside her husband, raise her family of three kids. She exudes calm  and content. Life’s pretty simple. She drives her pick-up truck to check on her stores in different parts of the province, buy the stocks that need to be replenished, and run important errands on some days. She doesn’t strut around in a designer bag or fancy clothing. She’s become the nature she chose to surround herself with.


The province is never short of the beautiful, the kind that flows in a way that fascinates and overwhelms. It takes me back to that time in my youth when I would   chase sunrises and sunsets on road trips from my hometown to as far as I could reach in the coastal region of Sarangani province. Spending some time away provided me a fresh perspective of my province. Looking at it from a tourist’s point of view came a deeper appreciation of the scenery, people, and culture that I grew up with.


South Cotabato can be reached by plane via the General Santos gateway. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air fly to GenSan daily.


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