Raincoats, Rain boots, and Confetti from the Sky

When life gives you three days of interminable rain during a holiday trip in Baguio, you never let the weather bring the high spirit down of course! When our feet were all soaked up and chilly on Day 1, we went straight to the supermarket, grabbed some chic-looking low-priced rain boots and skipped our way from one coffee shop to the next.


On bed weather days such as this, in a company of really good friends, nothing could be more perfect than

b o o k s

c o f f e e

e n d l e s s  c o n v e r s a t i o n


s n o r t   l a u g h s.


The canvas bags in this photo are Puca Totes by Travel + Trove.
Click here for their FB page and here for the IG account.

We  hopped on three coffee shops in three days, one of which  an acute charmer that we had a hard time parting with so we stayed over for a night.

We took leisurely sips of coffee to allow the body just enough caffeine to keep us agile all throughout the day, because deep, uninterrupted sleep come night time was just as important.

I made sure to get hold of a cup of Benguet brew in every resto that we went to. So, this whole trip was entirely about  c o f f e e and the little surprises that came along with it.

My Top 3 

Nonpareil Strawberry Shortcake

Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop


Coziest Ambience

Arca’s YardIMG_5127.JPG

Finest Coffee Concoction

Kape Umali


We are glad to have been profusely blessed with confetti from the sky — it showed us the real joy of dancing in the rain in raincoat and rain boots under the canopy of umbrella. It’s so true that in some days we really have to  create our own sunshine and get our happy on!

L I F E comes with a generous provision of  grace and resourcefulness, all we ever need to do is find the lever and kick-start it.

Sabi nga ng mga ‘Pinoy, para-paraan lang yan! (As what Filipinos always say, it’s just a matter making ways to make things/situation easier to handle).


The artwork in this photo is a bookplate sticker by Baguio-based artist Aileen Kim. Click here to visit her website.

∗ Check out my previous post  10 Things to do in Baguio in 2 Days for more things to do in Baguio.


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