What was Your Childhood Like?

This #RediscoverNature TV ad by Nature Valley reminds me of my childhood. I was born in the ’80s in a remote town down south. We children had only one choice– make do with what Mother Nature can give. So weekends were synonymous to playing tag under the sun, climbing trees, swimming in the river, picking wildflowers, and chasing butterflies in the meadows. We were basically free-range kids through and through.

The ad shows an alarming reality that most kids these days rely mainly on all possible entertainment and comfort technology provides that they become unmindful of the wonders of the real world.

I remember one time I accidentally knocked a glass of water on the dining table and doused my niece’s iPad. Good thing I was able to quickly pick it up and wipe it dry before the water seeped in.


Me: Oh my, I almost destroyed your iPad! What would you do if I totally damaged it and it wouldn’t work anymore? Will you feel bad? Will you cry?

Niece: No.

Me: What would you do, then?

Niece: Nothing. I have friends. I can always play with them.

I felt a sense of relief on the answer that I got from her. It assured me that playing with real kids, whether inside or outside the house, was of greater importance than the games embedded in that piece of modern technology.


There’s so much hope in Nature Valley’s campaign to rediscover nature for I believe that kids in this planet, with proper guidance and motivation, would remain to choose feeling the earth under their feet and getting all sweaty & muddy playing in the outdoors. Our role as adults is to share to them how beautiful our childhood was, and how nature enormously made it such.

So if they can’t be moved from the couch, pluck them out gently from their technology-disposed comfort zone and take them outside, somewhere safe and nice, where we can nurture love of the outdoors.


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