What was Your Childhood Like?

This #RediscoverNature TV ad by Nature Valley reminds me of my childhood. I was born in the '80s in a remote town down south. We children had only one choice-- make do with what Mother Nature can give. So weekends were synonymous to playing tag under the sun, climbing trees, swimming in the river, picking wildflowers, and chasing … Continue reading What was Your Childhood Like?


Enjoy Your Present

I am browsing my friend's album on Facebook when I saw this photo. This was during our trek to Mt. Pinatubo few years ago. The colors are vivid and I look alright, it actually exudes a calm and happy mood. So different from what I actually felt at that very moment. I was working on a graveyard … Continue reading Enjoy Your Present

Perhaps Your Extraordinary Kind of Ordinary, Too

Above all else, more than the food, I am thrilled by the thought of spending a night in a treehouse--a fulfillment of a childhood dream. It brings me back to one summer in childhood where I and my playmates, armed with our amateur carpentry skills, successfully built a platform on top of a huge Kakawate tree in … Continue reading Perhaps Your Extraordinary Kind of Ordinary, Too