3 Must-See Spots in Rizal

One day is  all you need to visit these 3 must-see spots in Rizal Province. Call your friends or gather your family members and enjoy this day trip with them. Get enough sleep the night before, wake up early, wear picture-perfect OOTD (you’re right, outfit of the day!) and, don’t forget, comfy shoes or sandals since you’re gonna be walking way more than usual. You are about to embark in a journey of a feast for the senses.

First stop, Isabelo Garden Place a.k.a. Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. It’s in San Roque, Marikina City, near the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish and a stone’s throw away from the Marikina Shoe Museum. This rustic-chic family home converted into a garden restaurant serves breakfast all day and dinner by reservation at night. Fill yourself up with generous servings of scrumptious breakfast and brunch fares that will surely keep your energy kicking up high. Just what you need for your next destination.

Click here for directions. IMG_4042 Take Sumulong Highway and head off to The Silangan Gardens a.k.a. Pinto Art Museum/Gallery in Grandheights, Antipolo City. This is a place so captivating, where nature and arts commune. You are lucky if you come across Artist Andy/Andres who fancies himself as a gardener. He indulgently offers his time by becoming your impromptu tour guide and photographer.

Click here for directions. IMG_4041 Going around the museum will burn all the calories you have ingested at Isabelo’s. Although there is a cafe serviced by Bizu Patisserie at the museum that can be tempting, please hold your horses for your third destination is absolutely delightful.

Take Sumulong Highway toward Ortigas Avenue Extension northbound. A short distance away from the roundabout where Sumulong and Ortigas roads meet is Gregoria Heights, where a quaint cafe-showroom is tucked like an open secret. Who would expect that there is a place as chic as this in Taytay? If words do not reach you yet, this little happy surprise is called 14 Four Cafe. It’s a cafe and furniture showroom where you get to enjoy the lavish interior and upholstery created by Sticks Designs and the Designers at 144.

Click here for directions. IMG_4040 So if you’re thinking of going out of town this weekend without the long road trip and without burning a hole in your pocket, go to the province of Rizal. It’s the closest you can get away from the metro and the fastest you can get to that calm, provincial vibe. Take the Marikina-Antipolo-Taytay route and discover the charms of the East.


3 thoughts on “3 Must-See Spots in Rizal

  1. Daff, I think Pinto is owned by the same person who owns Sitio Remedios. 3 hours is hardly enough, please allot more time. Roo will surely love it there. There’s an outdoor installation by Datu Arellano (man covered in snails) — what a happy sight! Would you still remember seeing it first at the audi way back college days? 🙂

  2. This is perfect! I’ll take my cousin (visiting from abroad) and do this Rizal itinerary. ‘Been longing to check out Pinto for the longest time, too! Thank you!

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