6 Easy Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas for the Busy Mom

We are 5 days away from Christmas. Year end meetings, parties, school activities, weddings, last minute shopping, and the terrible traffic condition in Metro Manila– all these can take a toll on the busy working mom or lady of the house. While browsing through Pinterest, I chanced upon these pins of easy, natural, economical yet gorgeous centerpiece ideas for the Christmas and New Year table settings. Most of the materials used in these centerpieces are readily available at home or the supermarket. So, to the super moms out there, presenting to you 6 centerpiece ideas that you could easily whip up at home, which could also be a possible bonding activity with your little ones.

1. Vases, some artificial flowers, and lots of Christmas balls can make a very elegant centerpiece.


B. Lovely Events

2. Bring out those tall and short glasses from the storage and turn them into chic candle holders, tea light candles and some twigs complete the trick.


Just Imagine

3. In a tropical country like ours, pineapples abound. Add some roses, apples, and foliage and replicate in magic number that will make your tablescape perfect.


J. Thannhauser

3. This is a great way to recycle those cans of sauces and preserves that you’re using for your noche buena or Christmas Eve recipes. Complete the look with abaca twine, Christmas balls,  and some sprigs & berries from the local flower shop.


N. Hollway

5. This is just lovely. Mason jars and white ceramic vases are just excellent to hold these gorgeous red flowers. A teal table runner makes the look fabulous.

elegant 6

B. Civish

6. Lastly, here’s one simple and really natural centerpiece that will definitely spruce up your dinner table. Elegance in its simplest and most natural form.

simple 5K. Alonzo

May we always remember the reason for this season. Enjoy your holiday dinners with your family and loved ones.



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