DIY Party Decor for Less than PHP150!

Party decor cheaper than you imagine it to be is not impossible these days. My friend celebrated her birthday 2 days ago and I volunteered to take care of the decor. It was a small party and only about 25 guests were invited. I thought of using fall colors with a dash of pink and purple for the pompoms, paper accordions, and name initial and pastel shades for the buntings. The objective is to make it look upscale with youthful and festive vibe.


I bought some Japanese Paper/Papel de Japon (tissue paper) and gift wrapping paper at National Bookstore. I am into sewing for about two years now, so I thought of making use of my scrap fabrics for the buntings. The name initial is a letter cutout from a quarter of the gift wrapping paper that I bought and the background is a purple felt paper from my supplies, a leftover from a previous project. The rest of the materials are from my own arts and craft supplies at home.

Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make tissue paper pompoms. Click here for Pompoms How-To.

Click here to get an idea on how to make paper accordions/pinwheels.


Tissue Paper Pompoms

5 different shades of 20×30 inches Japanese paper
abaca twine

I was able to make 4 small regular-sized paper pompoms from a pack of Japanese paper. Each pack has 10 stacks of tissue. I divided the whole sheet into four using a sharp cutter. I used abaca twine to tie the folded sheets together. I made 20 pompoms in total from 5 different shades of Japanese paper.


Paper Accordions/Pinwheels

3 sheets of Hallmark gift wrapping paper
a sheet of parchment paper (9×12 inches) for that circle in the middle
glue gun
hot melt glue stick

I made one big pinwheel from the rest of the gift wrapping paper sheet which portion I used for name initial cutout. For the 2 other sheets, I made 2 small paper accordions from each, so I made 4 all in all. I was able to make 5 accordions in total from 3 sheets of gift wrapping paper.


Name Initial Decor

a quarter of gift wrapping paper
felt paper
glue gun
hot melt glue stick

My friend’s name starts with W. I printed out an enlarged letter, the size of A4 bond paper, using the font of my choice. I cut the letter out, placed it on a quarter of the gift wrapping paper and traced it using a pencil, then cut it again with a sharp pair of scissors. To make the white outline I glued the letter on the interfacing that I have in stock then cut it again. Interfacing is a sewing material that is usually used to stiffen fabric. For the purple circle background, I used my place mat as a guide to make a perfect circle. I stuck the letter to the felt paper using a glue gun.

 7These buntings were hung on the buffet table.



scrap fabrics
sewing machine
abaca twine
stretchy mesh fabric

I made two kinds of buntings. One I cut in rectangles and tied around the abaca twine. Another I cut in small triangles and sewed on stretch mesh fabric tie. You can Google out How-Tos.

The Finished Product

3 IMG_3168

Japanese Paper
PHP 17.75 x 5 = PHP 88.75

Gift Wrapping Paper
PHP 15.50 x 3 = PHP 40.50

Total: PHP 129.25 (less than 3 USD)

I hope you’ll find this helpful when  you plan out your next party! 🙂


2 thoughts on “DIY Party Decor for Less than PHP150!

  1. Hi. I’d like to inquire if I can commission you to produce pinwheels for me for a project I have. It will be like 2 dozen. Hope you reply soon.

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