10 Things to Do in Baguio in 2 Days

Baguio is always and always will be the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It's always in season, never goes out of style. Since the sun shines ever so brightly in all 7,107 islands of the Philippines all year round, I can maybe say that Baguio is the eternal summer Capital of the Philippines. Hmmm...sounds fab, why not? Thanks … Continue reading 10 Things to Do in Baguio in 2 Days


Christmas Cushion Covers

It's 52 days before Christmas, time to get ready for the holiday season. Days seem to move fastest at this time of the year, so better decorate early before you get busy! I manage a small online store that I named Böē Clothing, and for Christmas I made a line of Christmas themed throw pillow covers within the … Continue reading Christmas Cushion Covers

DIY Party Decor for Less than PHP150!

Party decor cheaper than you imagine it to be is not impossible these days. My friend celebrated her birthday 2 days ago and I volunteered to take care of the decor. It was a small party and only about 25 guests were invited. I thought of using fall colors with a dash of pink and purple for … Continue reading DIY Party Decor for Less than PHP150!