Breakfast Goes Straight to the Hips!

I am a peanut butter junkie, and the ones that I love the most are those that are homemade (yes, with love and passion!). Not too sweet, creamy with luscious peanut taste– these are the qualities that would make me swoon for a peanut butter product.

Last Saturday my friend and I went to see the Greenfield Weekend Market. Scanning the merchandise from one store to another was lovely, and I was happy to take home a tub of Mama Chelly’s Classic Peanut Butter. From Sunday to Wednesday, I indulged in peanut butter-filled sandwich– two fat slices of wheat bread and a generous amount of peanut butter in between. The kind of sandwich which filling oozes out, then you take the ultimate pleasure of licking the trickles before sinking your teeth into it. Priceless.

By Thursday, I already ran out of bread so I whipped some pancakes. I’m not so much of a pancake fan, so I don’t really make much of an effort coming out with fluffy ones. My pancakes turned out fine, I liked how it tasted. I enjoyed my pancake treat in exactly the same way as I did with my peanut butter in bread.

I’m very sorry hips, but we’ll burn ’em fats out yeah?

Inhale. Exhale. I must take yoga more seriously.

IMG_4195 (1)




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