Under the Shade of Trees

On a day like today so sunshine-y and bright, I long to be someplace else. Under the shade of trees, by the beach, a book in one hand and a glass of mojito in the other. The best place to be right at this very moment is in a pocket of bliss that I and … Continue reading Under the Shade of Trees


Think Happy Thoughts

Some days you wake up feeling sluggish and uninspired. Not so keen on making your to-dos happen, you prefer to stay in bed longer staring at the ceiling wondering how to hurdle through that little hump that life presents you with. At the back of your mind, you know very well that you can reverse that lily-livered … Continue reading Think Happy Thoughts

Thaihouse The Riverfront Ayutthaya

Planning a trip to Thailand? Swinging by Ayutthaya? Looking for a budget accommodation? Thaihouse The Riverfront Ayutthaya is the absolute best place to stay! I relied on Agoda for the choices of accommodation the last time I traveled to Thailand. While there are a number of other places to stay in Ayutthaya this bed and breakfast is the perfect match to … Continue reading Thaihouse The Riverfront Ayutthaya

Lake Holon

Somewhere down south, in a remote town that is known to be the home of one of the most colorful and with the richest cultural heritage of tribes in the entire Philippine archipelago lies one of nature's treasures in the form of a caldera lake. Growing up as a local of this town, I have heard of countless narratives of … Continue reading Lake Holon

Ruby Month

At the end of July I celebrated my birthday, so the past weeks had been so lively meeting friends and loved ones  for coffee or dinner. To make my days livelier, a wad of translation work landed on my lap. I ended up spending my birthday chasing a deadline. There was a little room to breathe, yet hardly any space to complain about. … Continue reading Ruby Month